Preparing For Birth

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we already had 3 children before we stumbled across the Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better. All three were natural births, the first being in a hospital and the other 2 in a birth centre. We certainly never thought we were experts in childbirth but we thought we knew more than most about the whole process. So it was quite a revelation to go through the Pink Kit and found out how much we could do to make the whole birth experience better. Armed with this knowledge we were prepare to have a home birth – something I would never have considered before that.

While most women have a good idea of their physiology, the material in the Pink Kit explains how everything works and how it affects the whole birth process. It aims to move all parents towards better births. The exercises that are introduced are designed to get the couple comfortable with what will take place during the birth so that they will be relaxed and able to make the whole birth process much less uncomfortable. There are some simple pain relief techniques that can be practised before D-day (Delivery Day!)  so that they can be applied without having to think about them during the birth.

Other exercises are aimed at helping your body prepare for the actual birth. An awful lot happens to a women’s body during pregnancy and especially during the birth so any preparation you can do is extremely beneficial. By the way, when I say “exercises” I don’t mean things you do in a gym, I mean simple things you do whether they are simple stretching exercises or controlled breathing exercises.

Does The Pink Kit Work?

That is the key question and I affirmed this in my review of the Pink Kit earlier. Even though we already had three children, both Kerri and I found the information in the Pink Kit to be very useful during the home birth. Since we had both been through it many times before the birth we were able to apply it through the birth.

All of our births have been natural births, but the information in the Pink Kit is highly recommended for anyone who is pregnant regardless of whether you intend to have a c-section or a natural birth. Oh, and don’t let anyone tell you that just because you have had a c-section, you can’t have a natural birth. Many people who have purchased the Pink Kit following a caesar have been inspired to successfully have a vaginal birth.

The earleir in your pregnancy you start working through the material the better it will be for yur birth experience. However, even if you are in the last month of your pregnancy you will still gain a huge benefit by going through the Pink Kit material and doing what they suggest in the programme. It won’t be wasted time – especially if you go on to have more children.